Property Lines and a Few Things to Know When Building Your New Fence


What are a few things you may need to or want to know about property lines before you dive right in and get your new fence?

When you put a fence on your property what is there to gain? It can be a way to get some privacy; however, it can also make it clear where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins. As we all know, or will learn one way or another, there are lots of rules or limitations when building a fence. These rules and regulations exist no matter where you live. So, what’s allowed and what may not be?

As stated before, there are lots of rules or limitations that you must comply with when building your fence. In some places regulations will tell you where you can build a fence or how high the fence may be. They may also tell you what kind of fence or what colors you can or can’t use. There may also be rules and regulations in place regarding easements. That’s where the utility companies or some neighbors have more say about a fence’s location than you. These rules are typically different in every area with their own set of regulations, which means it will probably vary from place to place or even from one street from the next.

Simply put, be prepared for lots of others telling you what you can and can’t do. You may be able to do what you like despite the rules, but be careful or you may find yourself paying to build a fence and then also paying to tear it down. In some of the worst-case scenarios there can be fines involved and even lawsuits if you don’t comply to local rules and regulations before you build your fence.

When building your new fence, you might say “I am only trying to make things look better with my new fence.” or “What I want will look so much better than what they allow.” You may be right, but you also may have to ask for a variance of the rules. Lots of cities or subdivisions will allow you to ask for one, but it requires lots of patience and a good plan. I won’t say it will be easy, but it is possible.

Your local building department will be able to help you with the rules. If you live in a development that has a homeowner’s association (HOA) they will be glad to provide you with their own do’s and don’ts for your new fence. When looking for the locations on your own property where you can build your fence make sure you start with a survey. It will make clear where your property lines begin and where they end. When you add the where to the rules with a good survey, you will have a good start for heading down the road to build your new fence.

We at Exclusive Custom Fence and Repairs are here to work with you on following all these rules and guidelines. Feel free to call us at 786.899.6043 and we will do our best to either answer your questions or point you in the right direction to get the answers you need to move forward with building your new fence. Last but not least, we are here to make this process easy for you, the customer. Let us be your choice for your new fence and we will handle all your worries and headaches so you can enjoy all the benefits of your new fence!

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