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Residential and Commercial Gates

We Build Your Custom Fence Gates in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach

Your building or home reflects your personal style. Our custom gates protect your property and shows off your style to visitors. For unwanted visitors, a fence also provides security, privacy, and a peace of mind. Exclusive Custom Fence and Repairs can give your home or business the gate you need while defining your unique style.

Why Choose a Custom Gate for Your Residential or Commercial property?

Exclusive Custom Fence and Repairs will bring your thoughts and ideas to reality with a personalized gate. For a commercial project, fences create visual interest in your business. Whether it’s a hotel, a multifamily apartment, a law firm, an Airbnb vacation rental, a restaurant or any other kind of business or property it adds that special touch. A custom gate also increases curb appeal for families that want to improve their home’s value. Fences are also a reminder of property boundaries so you can be safe from outsiders.

You may need an access control security system, depending on your location. Our custom fences work with operating systems so you can control who enters your property. With many options for both residential and commercial use, an access control feature is a smart addition to a protected location.

What Materials are the Best for Your Gate?

As a South Florida based gate company with clients near and far, we have assisted with every project you can image and more. We will create your fence, so it best matches your property’s requirements and aesthetic designs. The materials you choose for your gate should embody both criteria, and we can work with you make the best choice for your needs and style.

Here are four popular fence materials that may fit your project:

Wood: Wooden fences are well equipped for driveway gates and increase security and privacy. They can also be customized and stained for lots of color choices and styles.

Chain link: As a durable material, chain link fences offer security and are often chosen with both residential and commercial properties and locations.

Iron: If you need a gate that can withstand the South Florida weather, iron fences work well. They provide a clean feel with lots of design options that will last and boost your exterior’s aesthetic.

Aluminum: This is a durable fencing option for homes and businesses. Our residential aluminum gate designs are endless. With options that go as far as your mind can imagine. Simple or full of trees and animals built into the gate. All the while adding protection and add to your property’s shape or style.

What is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Gates?

Here at Exclusive Custom Fence and Repairs want to add to your family’s home aesthetic. Residential gates can showcase your family’s design ideas and style. For Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach businesses, commercial gates can add lots of visual appeal while attracting new customers. Your fence is normally the first thing a visitor notices and we all know you only get one first impression.

Your custom gate design will depend on your design thoughts and security needs and budget. The payoff is a sturdy product that will boost your property’s value.

Begin Your Custom Gate Project with Exclusive Custom Fence and Repairs and gate the gate you deserve.

We can handle all residential and commercial needs, and we provide the best service at a reasonable price.

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