Several Reasons to Choose PVC/Vinyl Fencing


Below are several reasons to choose PVC/Vinyl fencing over wood fencing in Cooper City, Davie, Lauderdale by the Sea, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches and Weston – Broward County, FL

Here are a few reasons suggested by Exclusive Custom Fence and Repairs to select PVC/Vinyl fencing.

Maintenance free: PVC/Vinyl fencing is almost maintenance free. There is very little, if any, upkeep on PVC/Vinyl fencing. If you decide to select wood fencing, you must stain it or paint it every few years. With wood fencing, you will also have to deal with the use of chemicals to keep pests away.

Durability: The materials used in PVC/Vinyl fencing happen to be excellent at protecting against UV rays. This will help prevent your new fence from turning yellow over time. PVC/Vinyl fencing also has properties that make it more durable, less flexible and much stronger than wood fencing. This is especially beneficial in areas that get high winds or strong storms such as South Florida.

Wood fencing tends to rot over time. This is especially true for the wood fence posts that are dug and placed into the ground. Living in a moist climate and/or watering your lawn frequently won’t have any effect on PVC/Vinyl fencing.

Simple to clean: PVC/Vinyl fences are very easy to clean. A simple wash once or twice a year will keep your PVC/Vinyl fence clean and looking good. Normal soap and water with a car wash brush will also help you and avoid having to bend over to clean the bottom of your fence. Mildew can occur, but if you add just a little bleach to the soapy water this solves the problem.

Look: PVC/Vinyl fencing is very attractive and beautiful to both yourself and your neighbors. With many styles and colors to choose from, almost any style you want can be found. There are several styles available that look like wood, shadow box or pickets with lots of different thicknesses and heights available.

Privacy: PVC/Vinyl fencing can be constructed with either semiprivate or complete privacy. This is essential if you want to keep prying eyes out of your personal space. Privacy creates various levels of security. When outsiders can’t see in, they don’t get interested in what’s inside. This is another big benefit if you choose PVC/Vinyl fencing.

Final thoughts:
PVC/Vinyl fencing has become the most popular choice for homeowners in the last few years. Keeping up with the Jones’ becomes important because it helps maintain and even increase your property values. PVC/Vinyl fencing also gives your home a refreshed look that adds to all the other benefits. If you want more information on PVC/Vinyl fencing, please visit us at or call 786.899.6043.

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